Thank you so much. This type and level of discourse renews my spirit.

One thing I sometimes struggle with in my efforts to teach in scenarios like Bible study and small groups is the negative reaction that I get when I stray very much into the foundational theology or history of our faith. The way this is most often verbalized is in the form of worry, specifically worry about me. People seem genuinely concerned that a deep desire for or preoccupation with what they call “book knowledge” can cause a person to lose some element of or focus on their relationship with Christ.

It seems like there is a prevailing desire for therapeutic fellowship over any form of catechistic learning. The challenge is finding a winsome way to lead activities meant for spiritual growth that gracefully acknowledges the desire for an emotional experience while still delivering the substance of our faith.

I'm praying my way through the learning curve. Your work is a blessing.

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Well said. C.S. Lewis talked about the "joyful experiences" he often had "reading a classic book on theology with a pipe in his mouth."

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