What a great podcast! I look forward to listening to this in the future!

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SR: 'What we have is a church that isn't doing a good job passing on the content of our Holy Book.'

CP: 'We really aren't presenting what the problem is that the remedy applies to ... The point being, you get off yourself. You get off a discussion about your obedience, your higher life, which isn't what the gospel is. Ultimately, somebody's going to point out that you're inconsistent; you're still a sinner.'


Enough with the morality tales that don't even require real, flesh-and-blood characters or human beings for that matter (ask Aesop). We need to preach the gospel, pure and simple, and not shy away from the less palatable ideas such as sin, judgment, and condemnation.

I'm currently reading an Advent devotional by Joel Beeke & William Boekestein that outlines 31 reasons 'Why Christ Came'. The 12th meditation is 'To Bring Judgment' (based on John 9:39-41). Can you imagine a Christmas card quoting Jesus' words in John 9:39: For judgment I am come into this world'? Heads would roll at Hallmark ...

Especially this time of the year, we need to get the Gospel right and get the Gospel out. Where have I heard that before?

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