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Christianity vs. Liberal/Progressive Theology

Christianity vs. Liberal/Progressive Theology

Episode 32 • Featuring Michael J. Kruger

In his 1923 classic, Christianity & Liberalism, J. Gresham Machen argued that the liberal churches of his day had abandoned everything distinctive about Christianity in favor of a non-redemptive religion that was rooted in moralism and personal experience. According to Michael J. Kruger, contemporary liberal and progressive Churches are making the same crucial mistakes a century later. On this episode, Shane talks with Dr. Kruger about his book, The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity.


Resources by Michael J. Kruger
The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity (book)
The Question of Canon & Canon Revisited (books)
Surviving Religion 101 & Christianity at the Crossroads (books)
A Review of The Ten Commandments of Progressive Christianity (article)
No, the Church Didn’t Create the Bible, Kruger & Carson (video)
Keeping the Faith in College, (podcast)

Other Related Resources
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Liberalism or Christianity?, J. Gresham Machen (article)
History & Faith, J. Gresham Machen (article)
Is Luke a Trustworthy Historian?, Sir William Ramsay (article)
What Do Progressive Christians Believe? Alisa Childers (article)
Why Should We Believe the Bible?, Shane Rosenthal (article)
What is Faith?, Shane Rosenthal (article)
The Story of Us, Shane Rosenthal (article)
American Gospel: Christ Crucified (video)
Progressive Christianity: Another Gospel? (podcast)

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The Humble Skeptic
The Humble Skeptic
Shane Rosenthal was raised in a Jewish home but became an atheist at a very early age. Some years later, however, he ended up losing faith in atheism and converted to Christianity. On this podcast, he talks with people from a wide variety of worldviews and perspectives in order to explore the beliefs and ideas that shape our lives.