Thanks for this. Great conversation.

I think it would be interesting to hear your thoughts on what scripture teaches about the role, if there is one, “feelings” are meant to play in religious experience, especially in the confirmation of being “on the right path.”

I frequently have conversations with Mormon friends about faith being trust based on evidence. Yet they can’t see how trust in historical witnesses is any more reliable than their own “personal revelation” of truth. They even go as far as to say we can’t trust that the reports of what witnesses said was recorded correctly or even not fabricated - therefore, in their minds, this so-called personal revelation is the only remedy. (Tellingly, they don’t see the irony in this as concerns their own church’s purported founding narratives.)

Anyway - thanks for your thoughts.

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An excellent interview. Loved the quote:"The blood of Jesus covers all my sins; even my sins of bad theology."

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