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John Lennox on Faith & Science

John Lennox on Faith & Science

Episode 41 • Truth Isn't Afraid of Questions

Are faith and science opposed to one another, or do scientific investigations sometimes lead us to ask questions of religious significance? How are we to account for the origin of our finely-tuned universe, and how do we explain the complex amount of information embedded in our own DNA? Is it rational to believe in miracles, or the narratives recorded in the Bible? On this episode, Shane discusses these issues and more with Oxford mathematician, John Lennox, author of Can Science Explain Everything?

Listen to Part 2 of this Conversation: John Lennox on Evil & The Challenge of AI


Books by John Lennox
Can Science Explain Everything?
God & Stephen Hawking
Cosmic Chemistry
Gunning for God
Finding Ultimate Reality
Against The Flow
Seven Days That Divide The World
2084: AI & The Future of Humanity

Other Recommended Books
The Return of the God Hypothesis, Stephen Meyer
Can A Scientist Believe in Miracles?, Ian Hutchinson
The Case Against Accident, Dean Overman
Can We Trust The Gospels?, Peter J. Williams
The Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History, Colin Hemer
Jesus & The Eyewitnesses, Richard Bauckham
Jesus: A Very Short Introduction, Richard Bauckham

Recommended Articles & Resources
Origin of Life: $10 Million Prize, Perry Marshall
Has Science Buried God? John Lennox (video)
By Design, John Lennox, Michael Behe & Stephen Meyer (video)
Martin Heidegger on The Relation of Faith & Science (video clip)
Return of the God Hypothesis (Pt. 1), (Pt. 2) Stephen Meyer (podcast)
Can A Scientist Believe in Miracles, Ian Hutchinson (podcast)
New Evidence for the Gospels, Peter J. Williams (video)
What is Faith?, Shane Rosenthal
Why Should We Believe The Bible?, Shane Rosenthal
Authenticating The Fourth Gospel, Shane Rosenthal
Authenticating The Book of Acts, Lydia McGrew (podcast)

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