Insightful comments, Dave. And, I think you’re on target. We’ll definitely have to pay the price sooner or later.

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Dec 4, 2023Liked by Shane Rosenthal

Thank you for such meaningfully rich content, Shane. This podcast and related materials connects directly with a book, "Yalu River Boys", about Korean war veterans' POW experience I'm just now finishing. Similarly to Solzhenitsyn's gulag experience, in addition to severe starvation and other horrendous physical abuses at the hands of the North Koreans and Chinese, these POWs faced constant psychological torment via communist and atheist indoctrination and were repeatedly given the choice of signing on to the indoctrination or being sent to solitary confinement of the worst kind. Most refused or found ways to obfuscate, but often spent weeks and months at a time in literal holes in the earth. A great many died in captivity. Those with faith and who managed to stay alive were like Job who, in their unimaginable deprivation, knew their "Redeemer lives, and at the last he will stand upon the earth." They refused to deny God's truths and refused to accept their captors' lies, and they paid dearly for it. If I've grasped what Rod Dreher via Solzhenitsyn has very wisely informed us; in this fallen world we face the same choices these POWs faced; we will pay the price of living in truth sooner or later; and the cost for living lies becomes increasingly steeper the longer we deny God's truths.

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