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Questioning Your Faith

Questioning Your Faith

Episode 21 • Featuring Fikret Bocek

On this program, Shane talks with Fikret Bocek who currently serves as the pastor of a Christian church in Izmir, Turkey. Fikret was raised as a Sunni Muslim, and during this episode he tells the story of the time in which he began to question his faith. In this process, he began to explore both the Koran and the Bible, and ultimately this led to his conversion to Christianity.

• For more information about Fikret Bocek, click here. For information about Global Church Ministries, which he referenced at the end of this episode, click here.

• To listen to Shane’s interview with Sarabeth Kapusta referenced at the beginning of this episode, click here. You can also read her new essay, “Reconstructing My Faith.”

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The Humble Skeptic
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The Humble Skeptic
The Humble Skeptic
Shane Rosenthal was raised in a Jewish home but became an atheist at a very early age. Some years later, however, he ended up losing faith in atheism and converted to Christianity. On this podcast, he talks with people from a wide variety of worldviews and perspectives in order to explore the beliefs and ideas that shape our lives.