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Navigating the Currents of an Aggressively Secular Culture

Navigating the Currents of an Aggressively Secular Culture

Episode 36 • Featuring Brett Kunkle

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What is a good definition of “culture,” and why is it so effective at conforming us to believe certain things, and to behave in certain ways? How do we protect ourselves and the next generation from the negative influences of our increasingly secular culture? On this episode, Shane Rosenthal discusses these issues and more with Brett Kunkle, founder of Maven, and co-author of A Practical Guide to Culture.


Resources by Brett Kunkle
A Practical Guide to Culture and A Student’s Guide to Culture (books)
The Ambassador’s Guide to Mormonism (booklet)
A Motivating Mormon Roleplay (article & video)
Don’t Just Doubt Your Faith, Doubt Your Doubts (article)
Five Tools to Equip Your Kids (article)
Do Pronouns Matter? (article)
Brett Kunkle Interviews his Co-Author John Stonestreet (podcast) (Brett Kunkle’s website)

Other Related Resources
The Lost Tools of Learning, Dorothy Sayers (article)
Creed or Chaos?, Dorothy Sayers (article)
Recovering the Art of Persuasion, Shane Rosenthal (article)
What is Faith? Shane Rosenthal (article)
The Virtue of Doubt, Shane Rosenthal (article)
Be a Berean!, Shane Rosenthal (article)
So The Next Generation Will Know, McDowell & Wallace (book)
Post Christian: A Guide to Contemporary Thought, Gene Veith (book)

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The Humble Skeptic
The Humble Skeptic
Shane Rosenthal was raised in a Jewish home but became an atheist at a very early age. Some years later, however, he ended up losing faith in atheism and converted to Christianity. On this podcast, he talks with people from a wide variety of worldviews and perspectives in order to explore the beliefs and ideas that shape our lives.